About Me

I am so glad that you are here. First, let me introduce myself. I am Shikha Gupta Happy homemaker and also help my husband in business. I’m 29 years old and married.

I’m fond of cooking from my childhood so I started cooking when I was in school. I used to cook some small dishes in my home at that time my family members and my siblings used to like it so much. But when I was in college, cooking got serious in me. I used to cook my lunch myself and my college friends asked me for the recipes. So I decided to start my very own blog where I can save my recipes. Hence I created Shikha’s kitchen. This blog was a tiny one before, but as days passed by It got lots of exposure and my viewer started increasing. Seriously Shikha’s kitchen took the most time in my day and I started to take my website seriously. 

I created lots of recipes and updated my blog daily as days pass my kitchen has become a part of my life.

Make sure you follow my Shikha’kitchen blog. And if you want to give any suggestion then you can write in the comment box.

I was married to a person to whom I fell in love 12 years back, still going strong.

You can also write to me at shikhagupta23291@gmail.com for feedback, happy comments, thoughts, recipe request, guest blogging