A firm south indian formula or indian exquisite donut formula, made from urad dal or dark lentil. ordinarily it is presented with idli and the idli vada blend with chutney and sambar is the famous breakfast in numerous families.

The medu vada formula is primarily set up by splashing the urad dal for 3-4 hours which is later grounded to smooth batter. it is later seasoned with ginger, green chillies,and curry leaves. further formed to doughnuts and fried in hot oil until brilliant brown colored and fresh.

The word medu is actually implies delicate in kannada language. fundamentally this word is connected to this dish, to portray non-abrasiveness yet the firmness it has. maybe the udupi eateries celebrated all over india had an incredible commitment in advocating and giving this modifier to vada formula. anyway it is likewise alluded with a few different names in south india like, urad dal vada, medhu vadai, ulundu vadai in tamil, garelu in telugu and uzhunnu vada in malayalam. further, it is served principally with coconut chutney or nut chutney, however nowadays it is served by dunking in sambar as well.


• 1 cup urad dal dhuli 200 grams, split & dehusked black gram lentil
• 3-4 tablespoons water 45-60 ml, as needed to grind
• salt according to your taste
• 5-6 curry leaves chopped
• 1/2 inch ginger chopped
• 1-2 green chilies chopped,or according to your taste
• 1 small onion chopped, around 3 tablespoons chopped onions
• 9-10 whole black peppercorns crushed
• oil to deep fry the vada


1.Rinse urad dal dhuli (split & dehusked black gram lentil) under running water. Then soak it in 3 cups water overnight. In the morning the dal would have increased the size.
Drain all the water in which the dal had been soaked and then transfer the dal to a blender.

2.Add water (3 to 4 tablespoons) and salt and grind to a smooth paste. I have grind it in mixer jar, you can use any high speed blender that you have. Try to use not much water while grinding the dal.

3.Transfer this to the steel bowl of your stand mixer or to a large bowl if using a whisk or hand mixer. Now, using the wire whisk attachment of your stand mixer or using a hand mixer, grind the batter for 4 to 5 minutes .
The batter will increase in volume and also become lighter in color.

4.To test if the batter is well airated and ready to fry, drop a small portion of the batter in a bowl full of water- it should float.
This means the batter is airated and ready to fry. If it sinks, means you need to beat the batter for some more time.

5.Now, to the batter add chopped curry leaves, ginger, green chilies, chopped onion and crushed peppercorns. You may also add chopped green coriander, cumin seeds.
Mix until everything is well combined. Heat oil in a kadai on medium heat.

6.To shape the vada, first grease your hands with water and then take some batter (size of a lemon) into your palm press lightly then Using your thumb, make a hole in the center to give the vada it’s traditional donut shape.
(If you are an expert at this, simple shape the batter while it is in your palm and drop into the oil straight).

7.Carefully drop it into hot oil. The oil should be medium hot, if it’s too hot the vada will not cook from inside and remain raw and become golden brown from outside.
Similarly make and shape all the vada and fry them (flip the vadas to cook from both sides in between).

8.Once they are golden brown in color, take them out of oil using a spatula. Drain on a paper towel. Serve hot with sambar and chutney.

• firstly, do not add salt if you are preparing vada after some time. salt makes batter watery if you keep for long time. add salt just before preparing medu vada.
• also adding rice flour makes medu vada crispy and also helps to make a thick paste. add more if your urad dal batter is watery.
• additionally, soaking for more than 4 hours makes the batter watery and absorbs oil.
• finally, beat the batter in circular motion to incorporate air into batter. this makes medu vada soft, fluffy and crispy.