Coconut Chutney is a softly spiced, nutty plunge filled in as a well known side dish with Indian food. Completely EASY to make, this very much cherished sauce is made by mixing together delicate ground coconut with green chillies, garlic cloves and broiled gram lentils.


This consummately spiced chutney has a fluttering trace of pleasantness, and is filled in as an ideal backup with Indian suppers. In addition, it tends to be effortlessly adjusted to many intriguing flavors by changing only a fixing or two, and every alternative is similarly as tasty!


How to make this straightforward however scrumptious chutney?


This fundamental white coconut chutney eaten with Idli or Dosa, needs only a small bunch of fixings. New ground coconut, broiled gram lentils or dalia, cumin seeds, garlic and new lemon juice are mix along with water to make a coarse glue. The ground chutney is then tempered with a tadka or preparing, made by spluttering mustard seeds and curry leaves in hot oil.



½ cup fresh or packed  coconut or ½ cup parched coconut


2 tablespoons simmered or roasted chana dal – optional


1 or 2 green chilies


7 to 8  little garlic cloves you can likewise add  ½ inch ginge-


salt according to taste


water or include as required 


For Tempering


½ teaspoon mustard seeds


½ teaspoon urad dal (split and husked dark gram)


l½ teaspoon cumin seeds – optional


1 branch of curry leaves or 9 to 10 curry leaves


1 spot of asafoetida (hing)


1 to 2 dry red chilli-


½ tablespoon oil – sesame or nut or coconut or sunflower oil




Take ½ cup firmly pressed newly ground coconut in a chutney processor container or a little processor container.


At that point include 1 green chilli and garlic cloves or ½ inch ginger (cleaved).


Next include 2 tablespoons simmered/roasted chana dal. Likewise include salt according to taste. Add   wate as requared.


grind to a smooth consistency. On the off chance that incapable to grind or the chutney looks thick, at that point you can add  more water.


Eliminate the chutney in a  bowl.


Temering For Coconut Chutney


Warmth oil in a little skillet. Include the mustard seeds.


At the point when the mustard seeds start to splutter, include the cumin seeds and urad dal. Fry till the urad dal begins to get brilliant and fragrant.


At that point include the curry leaves, red red chilli and asafoetida.


Fry for two or three seconds till the curry leaves become fresh and the red chillies change shading.


Switch off the fire and promptly pour the hardening on the chutney in the bowl.


Blend the treating blend quite well.


Serve coconut chutney with idli, dosa, vada, pongal or pakoda of your decision.


Scaling: This coconut chutney formula can be split or multiplied or significantly increased.


Hotness: Add 2 to 3 green chillies for a zesty intuition with regards to the coconut chutney.


Spices: If you do not eat garlic Instead of GARLIC, you can include ginger. Ginger can be skipped totally. You can even include some new coriander leaves (cilantro) or mint leaves.


Dry Red Chillies: You can even add 2 to 3 dry Kashmiri red chillies or 1 to 2 dry red chillies and make a red coconut chutney. A touch of tamarind can be included if utilizing dry red chillies to adjust the sharpness and warmth of the chillies. Eliminate the seeds from the chillies before you pound them with the remainder of the fixings.


To Make White Coconut Chutney:


For a white coconut chutney, include less of the simmered chana dal or skip it totally. So for this formula include ½ tablespoon of cooked chana dal.


Likewise include less green chillies or you can skip them.


Do utilize just the white aspect of the coconut and not the earthy colored part.


You can even include some milk or slender coconut milk rather than water while crushing.