While a great many people in the Indian Subcontinent recognize what soya chaap is, it might be new to other people. As the name infers, this item is a protein source produced using soybeans.

Soya Chap Sticks are set up by covering frozen yogurt sticks with portions of a batter that is made with soybeans, soya lumps, and generally useful/rice flour. The outcome is then prepared with the goal that it very well may be solidified and saved for sometime in the future.

The formula beneath is for the crude soya chaap sticks, you can make Malai Chap,Afgani Chaap,Tawa Chaap,Gravy Chaap Recipe.

Soybean is an excellent non-meat protein hotspot for veggie lovers. You can serve this with roti, paratha, or even naan—which are all different types of Indian flatbread.

Ingredients for making Soya-Chaap Sticks:

• Soyabean Seeds – 1 small cup, soaked in plain water for 12-14 hours

• Soya Chunks – 1 small cup

• All Purpose Flour – 1 small cup

• Salt – 1/2 tea spoon

• Water

• Ice Cream Sticks – 4

Procedure for making Soyachaap Sticks:

1.Take good quality and fresh soyabean seeds. Now wash them nicely with plain water and then soak them in clean water for 12-14 hours.

2.The soyabean seeds will swell after soaking in plain water for 12-14 hours. Then strain off the water in which they were soaked and wash the soyabean seeds again with plain and clean water.

3.Now transfer the soaked soyabean seeds to a mixer jar and add 2-3 table spoon water to it. Then grind the soaked soyabean seeds to form a fine paste.

4.Now take a deep vessel and pour some water in it. Add a little salt and heat it until luke warm. Then add the soyachunks to the lukewarm salty water and soak them for 10-15 minutes.

5.After 10-15 minutes strain off the excess water and press the soyachunks, to squeeze off the excess water. Then transfer these soyachunks to a mixer jar and grind them to form a coarse paste.

6.Transfer this coarse soyachunks paste to a plate. Add the fine paste of soyabean seeds to it, followed by a little salt. Mix all the ingredients well together to form a uniform paste.

7.Now add the all purpose flour slowly to it, to bind the paste mixture and form a dough. (Use only that much flour, as much is requried for making the dough. Usually, a little more than 1/2 cup all purpose flour is required for making the dough.) Kneed the mixture to form a soft dough.

8.Now divide the dough into 2-3 partitions. Take one part and dust it with some dry all purpose flour and roll it flat like chapati on the rolling plate.

9.Then cut 1 inch broad strips of this chapati (as shown in tha image below).

10.Then take one ice cream stick and one strip. Now cover the stick with the strp as shown in theimages below. Prepare all soya chaap sticks similarly.

11.Now boil some water in a deep vessel. The water in the vessel should be enough so that the sticks do not touch each other while boiling in it.

12.When the water comes to boil, lower the flame to a medium-low level and add the soya chaap sticks to it. Allow them to boil for 10-12 minutes.

13.Remove the soya chaap sticks from the boiling water after 10-12 minutes and transfer them to another vessel containing cold water. Leave them in cold water for 15 minutes.

14.After 15 minutes take the soya chaap sticks out of the water and place them in zip-lock air-tight food packeets to store them in freezer. Or you can use them directly for making any dish. These soya chaap sticks can be stored in freezer for 1 week.

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